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Fluffy Bunnies 

Pancakes have always been one of those delicious comfort foods that suits everyone in our family. Feeling poorly? Make pancakes. Not sure what to have for breakfast? Whip up some pancakes. Having a family brunch? Pancakes. Traditionally I am a fan of a roll-up crepe with lemon and sugar; its what my nana used to… Continue reading Fluffy Bunnies 

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Let Them Be Dolphins – Why Maths Makes Me Cry

When I was nine years old we did a topic on the Romans in school, we learnt about traditional Roman houses, baths, invasions, Gods and Goddesses and food. Our teacher showed us how to make Roman shields and taught us how to fight with swords (or wooden 30cm rulers, to be more precise) and how… Continue reading Let Them Be Dolphins – Why Maths Makes Me Cry