New Year – Same Me (with some slight adaptations)

I actually don’t like New Year’s Eve. I find it a whole lot of hype for nothing and being a teacher my new year technically starts on September 1st. I also find the ‘New year, new me’ resolutions spectacularly boring BUT I can see the advantage of embracing a new mind-set and having goals. The trouble with having goals is that one also needs determination and willpower to see them through and if you know me, you will know I have neither of those things.

I have decided that I can make a few changes that will benefit me though (not resolutions. Resolutions are there to be broken, changes are adaptations and are, well, adaptable according to circumstance).

So here they are. Feel free to comment with yours.


  1. Save more money. I am always short of cash (isn’t everyone?) I never carry cash and I hardly ever save anything and then I curse myself at pinch points in the year when everyone selfishly decides to have a birthday and then it’s the lead up to Christmas so my change for 2017 is to adopt a savings challenge. The one I’m going for is the 365 day 1p saving challenge found on www.skintdad.co.uk. The idea is that you start off by saving 1p and then each day save 1p more than you saved yesterday. By the end of the year you have over £600. There’s a printable chart on his website which you can use to tick off the amounts as you put them in your pot. My plan is to tick off the bigger amounts around pay day then towards the end of each month I’m only putting pennies away.
  2. Write more. Ok I know I always say this but this time I mean it! When I was younger I used to always keep a diary and my blog kind of took over that, but having received an amazing pen and notebook plus a wonderful homemade book mark/book binder to keep all my musings together, I really have no excuses. Also having it by my bed will encourage me to jot down all those things that creep into my mind at 1am when I’m trying to sleep.
  3. Have beautiful nails. I’m always envious of girls who have gorgeous nails all the time. At best mine are fake. At worst they are bitten and chewed and brittle and awful. So much so that when I’m working closely with a child at school I keep my fingers curled up and do all my pointing with a nice pen. Luckily my wonderful husband knows I like to have nice nails so bought me a voucher for my local beauticians. Today I have had my Christmas acrylics filled and glittered ready for work on Monday and have booked in for a manicure to pamper my real nails (which are hopefully growing under the acrylic) next pay day. My change will be to find something else to nibble when I’m bored or stressed and not take it out on my nails.
  4. Swim. I love swimming but thanks to years of bad backs, dodgy hips, poor asthma control and laziness I haven’t done much. My brother started open water swimming last year and my dream has always been to swim the English Channel so I promised I would start going to some open water sessions with him once the season opens again. For that to happen I have to be in a position where I am unlikely to drown so some serious training has to take place first. I don’t for one minute think I’ll ever get to swim the Channel but there is an open water swim on lake Windermere that I’ve got my eye on.

So those are my changes. Wish me luck!