Da Sniffles 

Today I’m poorly. It’s not surprising really; it’s the last weekend of the holidays and back to work on Monday. I’ve been pretty healthy all summer, my hair hasn’t been dried and straightened for six weeks, my feet have been in flip flips every day and I’ve worn make up twice. My body is in mourning for lazy mornings and late nights; for DVD days and trips to the beach, for weekends away and ice cream and fresh fruit salads and wine in the garden. 
It happens every year. Back to school-itis. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, some days I even love it, but the closer it is the more I feel that slight panic and sadness that the summer is over for another year. I spend the first few weeks of term in a whirl of organisation, tiredness, energy, good intentions and trying to remember a million new pupils’ names. Mix this with a cold, constant sneezing, a cough and a headache and I throw myself at half term at a hundred miles an a hour. 
Luckily, I quite like autumn. I like cosy nights in, wet weekends when we can curl up on the couch with a blanket, a film and a hot chocolate, boots and new coats, gloves, fluffy jumpers, pumpkin spiced lattes, the glorious colours of the trees as they shed their leaves, mulled wine, stews and casseroles, porridge, good things on TV. We also have a lot to celebrate in autumn as we have a lot of family birthdays and therefore a lot of reasons to get together and share food and gifts. 
Autumn also gets me excited for Christmas – but that’s a whole other blog! 
So, to make my sniffles seem a little better, I’ve made some tea. A little twist on honey and lemon. I had a bag of limes after mum and I went to the market to stock up on meat for the freezer, (if you’ve never visited Bolton Market I highly recommend it!) so I sliced them up and froze them. I put a few slices into my tea pot with a good tea spoon of honey and some grated ginger. Steeped it for about 5/6 minutes and poured. Slightly sweet and heated it’s perfect for sore throats and stuffed noses. 
I’m now off to make some comforting chicken broth.

Enjoy your weekend, my dear readers.