the shortest blog I’ve ever written…

I visited some friends of mine recently and the subject of writing and blogging came up.

“You haven’t blogged in a while.”

Its something I hear fairly often, which is nice because people obviously like reading my meandering thoughts but it also makes me feel very guilty that I let life get in the way of my little blog and I always said that would never happen.  My problem is  that I write a lot.  not many of my blogs are under 2000 words (which is why I love my readers, you obviously have staying power.  Either that or literally nothing else to do, either way I’m very grateful) So when it comes to writing something I struggle to find the time to actually sit and write what I’m thinking, so I put it off.

So this little blog is simply to introduce another blog.  I’ve decided to serialise a novel I’ve been writing for children and rather than publish it here I’ve given it its own little site called   Panda Stories