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The Churchill Hotel, York

This week The Husband spirited me away for a couple of days in one of our favourite places, York. If you’ve never been to York I highly recommend that you remedy that right now. I could write all day about cobbled streets, interesting architecture, street entertainers and quirky little boutiques alongside wonderful shops like Cath Kidston. But I won’t. I will tell you all about the wonderful place we stayed instead.
In 2011 The Husband and I were treated to a mini-stay in York by my brother because our plans for a New York honeymoon had gone dramatically down the pan, or more accurately, in the Vet’s pockets after our cat had an operation. We were booked into The Churchill hotel and actually had the worst honeymoon ever after The Husband ate something dodgy and spent the night on the (rather impressive marble) bathroom floor while I had the (equally impressive) king-sized four-poster bed all to myself. Fast-forward a few years and here we are again for a kid free couple of days thanks to mum and dad.
Its an impressive place; looking like a Georgian mansion from the outside and a stylish boutique hotel inside. You can read all about its fascinating history  here . 

The problem with being kid-free for any length of time is what to do with all the milk if you’re still breast feeding. When The Husband mentioned this little trip away my only worry was expressing and having somewhere to stash the milk. I made him ring up to see if they had a room with a mini fridge. I’ll not lie, it was a deal breaker for me, as much as I would have loved to have stayed in the same place we did as newly-weds if there was a lack of fridge then I’d have been camping at the premier lodge or other such place. Not to worry. After a couple of phone calls to ‘a lovely young girl’ (who we were to be greeted by when we arrived) and the head chef it was arranged that I could keep any expressed milk in the fridge in the kitchens. Excellent.
When we arrived we were greeted by a girl with the most amazing eye make up ever, I had absolute eye-liner envy and I don’t mind admitting it. She introduced herself as Wendy and was the most helpful person I’ve ever come across. She took my little cooler bag of expressed milk and stashed it away in the fridge, gave us a map of the city and recommended about eight different places to eat and where best to go to make the most of York.
“Will you be having dinner or breakfast with us?”

“No thanks, we thought we might explore.”

“No problem, I’d highly recommend…”
Nothing was too much trouble for her.
Our room was gorgeous; all dark blues and greys and subtle lighting. The bathroom was immaculate and stocked with Duck Island toiletries which I used while in the rainforest shower. The bed was like sleeping on clouds and the advantage of being kid-free was that we got a full night’s sleep; it was like we’d won the lottery.
We enjoyed our little getaway at The Churchill immensely, next time we’d like to partake of a Churchill breakfast and make the most of the hotel bar instead of being such boring grown-ups and retiring at 11pm with a brew!